The Burger Showdown

It’s official.
We showed up big!

As the official Plant-Based Burger of Off the Menu’s The Burger Showdown, Lightlife made its way into homes all across the country with custom burger creations made by celebs and restaurant chefs. Try them yourself with the recipes below.

“The Busy Max”
by Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield’s love for plant-based burgers shines with his epic burger made with guac, veggies, and two plant-based patties stacked high. Watch how he came up with the build and follow the recipe to make it yourself!

“The Triple S – Sarah’s Southwestern Smash”
by Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland mixed together her love for burgers and eating clean by making this Southwest-themed plant-based burger using smashed avocado, roasted garlic chipotle, and spicy jack cheese on a patty made with our new Plant-Based Ground. See how to make it now!

“The Pesto’s Yet to Come”
by Sasha Pieterse

This summer-inspired burger made by Sasha Pieterse has pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella, all on a Lightlife Burger. It’s like a summertime sensation in your mouth. Check out her inspiration and how to make it at home.